We Waited for Full Social Security Benefits

Michael and Linda have lived in their Vista, California, home for 35 years. Michael had a very successful sales career, but finds himself needing to take an early retirement. Unfortunately, in the last few months they’ve been struggling to make ends meet on Linda’s office manager salary.

What’s more, if Michael begins collecting Social Security benefits now at age 62, he will only receive 75% of his benefit. If they can hold on just four more years, he can collect full benefits.

We’ll collect 100% of our benefits.

Since the couple owns their home outright, they decide to activate some of their home’s equity they’ve worked so hard to build over the years. A reverse mortgage boosts their income by $4,700 a month and gives them breathing room until Michael turns 66.

* Stories are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only. Each client’s situation is different, so please consult your reverse mortgage expert.

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