Dustin DiMisa’s Personal Mission

If you’ve applied for a loan or refinanced, you know how much improvement is needed with the drawn-out, tiresome process of working with a lender. Being in the industry for over 10 years, Dustin DiMisa has seen first-hand the ups and downs. He’s talked about trying to improve it for years and now he is setting out to change the industry for all consumers.

Whether you haven’t closed on time due to last-minute requests, chosen the wrong loan on bad advice, or just overall had a bad experience you can tell that the industry is in need of a change. Dustin is taking advantage of the current climate and learning about all the problems that exist in the industry. To be able to make a positive change, he is setting out to listen to all of your bad experiences with lenders.

Securing a loan or refinance will no longer be a bad experience for any consumer.

Dustin’s personal 2017 mission through Consumer Connect is to speak with 2,000 consumers. We wants to know all the bad and good experiences you’ve had whether you’ve been frustrated and let down or helped and supported.

Help Dustin out by providing your honest critique of the industry and your personal experience so he can learn about the ups, downs, and potential opportunities to make a change.

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